PSKD Company

PSKD Company is an independent, non-profit and voluntary association of rail transport experts from technical universities, railway companies, city transport companies and from research, development and design companies.
Company is established on principle of voluntary membership, common interests and goals. It doesn’t have a legal entity according to Code of commerce or Civil Code. It has a club form.


Goals of association:

interconnection of theory and praxis, solving matters of railway and urban rail transportation and its enlightenment and development.

PSKD Company represents the basic scope of activities of the company. It is aimed mainly to create space for analysis, discussions and solutions of highly professional level regarding development of railway and municipal rail transport, solving actual operation and maintenance problems as well as qualitative and progressive preparation and realization of rail transport constructions. Comprehensiveness of rail transport subject and its occupational variety requires wide range of specialists.

Since the establishment of the company in 2001 its platform could be perceived as one of many bridges between theory and practise, though it has been used significantly more than others. The company has simplified the process of solving several problems, technical questions and tasks and it has contributed to accentuated communication among specialists from universities and practise while new contacts and friendships have arisen.